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The French Way To Lose Weight!


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Very informative.  Anyone know of any good places to have it done in jeddah?

[email protected] on Saturday, May 2014 - 4:40:18 pm

Hi desertflower, I’ve seen several on the net recently which does mesotherapy (Jeddah), but not sure how good they are, or their pricing…
1 - King Faisal hospital; 2 - International Medical Center (hospital also); 3 - New Jeddah Clinic Hospital; 4 - Al Tababah Center; 5 - Star Care Clinics.. . 6 - Dr. Mazen Fitiany Clinic - Al Badriya Tower…
These are just some. Also I learned that mesotherapy is also used for skin and hair.

Lorgen on Saturday, May 2014 - 5:44:48 pm

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