Fashion Fix

Trendy Yet Casual

Just because your approach is relaxed doesn't mean your style has to be the same! Always have your 'A Game' on, because nowadays you're networking even in your off-hours.

In this look we aimed to have our model meet every new trend, yet not let go of the casual sensation. We matched an awesome grey wool sweater to flashier comfortable pants, we tried to avoid the blue jeans as they are so common and predictable, and for those who are looking to be none; it would be more interesting to explore them in other shades, we chose green for this look.

Who said you trousers should meet the tops of your shoes? The latest fashion trend is to roll up the cuff of your pants a couple of times and not to be too neat about them!

  • Sweater Marks & Spencer 335 SR

  • Pants Bershka 69 SR

  • T-shirt Marks & Spencer 99 SR

  • Scarf Marks & Spencer 129 SR

  • Shoes Bershka 379 SR


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