Fashion Fix

Pop Grunge!

We went full on black with our grunge look. Black is the new black when it comes to Grunge!

This is one comfortable look too, as we grabbed this Batman hoodie sweater which is very comfy, paired it with leather legging, scarf and a wedged sneaker. The best part about it is the comic pop with childhood heroes presented by the hoodie and the cross bag, who can’t relate to that in a grunge!

 And since we needed a beanie to complete this look we picked up a muted colored one to blend with the dark mood we were going for!

  • Hoodie New Yorker 99 SR

  • Leather Leggings New Yorker 55 SR

  • Scarf New Yorker 55 SR

  • Cross Bag New Yorker 89 SR

  • Beanie Zara 99 SR

  • Shoes New Yorker 129 SR


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