Fashion Fix

Unleash Your Retro Vibe

Some days it’s OK to just look at the past and pick up one or two retro pieces.

Whether it’s in the cut or the print, we keep getting inspired by the past. Only you should keep the look modern and relevant.

We choose a dress that had a retro cut. It was also a print of black & white which was the mood this week. Throw on a military inspired black jacket to bring it to 2014. A great edgy shoe can help make any outfit. The black marble clutch makes a second appearance here. A good bag is one you can wear with anything. 

  • Dress Desigual 569 SR

  • Jacket Zara 579 SR

  • Bracelet Accessorize 80 SR

  • Bag Zara 299 SR

  • Shoes Zara 479 SR

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