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Graffiti 101

There is no doubt that major art and graffiti work by the big fashion gurus like Prada, Chanel and many others have influenced spring 2014 fashion appearance! Some of them even took it to another level, their fashion lines looked like canvas on the catwalk.

Street style definitely reflected such a booming trend and it was witness everywhere, and we too fell for the trend and got really tuned. It was reflected in our shoot, as we tried to display a completely challenging picture of Highstreet fashion in graffiti atmosphere.

We sprayed our picture with an arty colourful top and a pair of jeans with braces then finally completed it with a silver metallic trendy envelop purse.

Our graffiti style turned fun and bold, do you agree? 

  • Top Desigual 279 SR

  • Jeans Desigual 389 SR

  • Necklace Aldo 79 SR

  • Shoes Steve Madden 349 SR

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