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Some people will try to knock you down as much as they can, so always stand your ground.

And that also goes for your style. Not everyone will get it. But if you know where you are going and what works for you then go ahead. Be you.

One of the trends for this season is sporty. And not everyone will get it. So we thought of giving you various sporty styles.

One of the popular pieces in this trend is the sweatshirt. So much that designers have made it into a dress. This was perfect for us!

We took this sweatshirt dress paired it with a chiffon floral print kimono, a navy bib necklace, a cross body bag in blue as well to bring out the colors in the cardigan and metallic heels. Putting on some black shades and some boxing gloves and our model is ready to go.

  • Dress Pull & Bear 85 SR

  • Kimono Bershka 199 SR

  • Shoes Steve Madden 399 SR

  • Bag Zara 129 SR

  • Necklace Accessorize 129 SR

  • Sunglasses Aldo 49 SR

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