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The floral theme is perfect for spring and summer. Pretty colours, feminine imagery and delicate shapes are sure to lift any outfit. 

The thing many people don't realise about floral designs is that they can be used to create dramatic, statement looks too. Some are unsure about how to put together a more edgy floral outfit, and this week we'll show you how. The trick to perfecting this look is to be daring and confident with your style, and stray away from the steriotypically cute flowery vibe.

We have created the below outfit using a bold colour palette, which includes deep reds and purples and provided contrast with elegant shoes and a pretty daisy chain style headband. 

  • Dress Promod 229 SR

  • Shoes Nine West 299 SR

  • Bag Aldo 219 SR

  • Headband Monsoon 53 SR

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