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Island Breeze

Palm trees, fruits and flowers! Seriously what can say summer more than those prints; they will totally make you feel the cool breeze as the temperature heats up.

These prints are just so fun! The bright patterns and colors take you through a magical journey in a tropical island without leaving your hometown. 

We took these powerful patterns and made them the focus of our outfit by pairing a pineapple printed white tee (which is so in this summer) and another season staple, an A-line tropical printed skirt, and for sure didn’t forget to sparkle her hair with some colourful flowers to complete the sense of the tropical paradise. 

  • Skirt Zara 299 SR

  • Top Zara 169 SR

  • Hair Flowers Six 20-35 SR

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جميله جدأ

[email protected] on Wednesday, June 2014 - 2:33:15 pm

كتير حلوه واسعارها روعه

[email protected] on Wednesday, June 2014 - 2:35:09 pm

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