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Don't Sweat It

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Life is too short to live it stressed out.

And when it comes to your clothes you don’t have to think too much of it. Mix and match pieces to get new look everyday from the same piece you already have in your closet. Do you have a sweatshirt? Let’s try a way of styling it with you.

We chose one with a sporty look. This could work in a gym and outside it. We styled it for an outing this time. One of the must-have pieces of this season is a pencil skirt. We choose a pink one since our sweatshirt was grey.

You can go two ways with this outfit; either to make it casual or dressy. It’s done through the accessories you choose. We picked to make it dressy. So we chose heels that had a python print with a golden buckle, paired two necklaces over each other, a multicoloured clutch and finally added mirrored aviator sunglasses.

  • Sweatshirt Jennyfer 129 SR

  • Skirt Zara 199 SR

  • Shoes Steve Madden 379 SR

  • Bag Zara 129 SR

  • Necklace (floral) Accessorize 145 SR

  • Necklace (golden) Accessorize 80 SR

  • Sunglasses Aldo 49 SR

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