President Obama Shops At Gap!

President Barack Obama made a surprise visit to a Gap store to shop for his wife and two daughters, while he was visiting New York.

Gap's New York store at 42nd street and 3rd Avenue, was the president's chosen location following the White House’s Statement on the same day, "Today the President will visit a Gap store to show his support for Gap Inc.'s decision to increase wages .“

The president decided to drop a visit as part of his recent move to raise minimum wages of the American workforce, which he had been talking about throughout his visits across the country during his State of the Union address.

Obama, just like any other husband shops for his wife and family, the fun part was that he was very anxious about getting their right sizes. “He preferred to keep his purchases in sweaters and tops as he didn’t want to buy anyone bottoms in the wrong size.”

Before Mr. Obama left, he said, “I hope the ladies will be impressed by my style sense!”



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kewl! =’) I like his style.. .

Lorgen on Wednesday, March 2014 - 4:46:39 pm

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