Keira's New Chanel Commercial

Keira Knightley's character is totally dominating the Coco Mademoiselle advertisements for Chanel.

Keira loves how her Coco Mademoiselle character is always "in control".

The 28-year-old actress is the face of Chanel's iconic fragrance and her third advertisement for the scent has just been released.

The British beauty loves the power and confidence her alter ego holds and the mystery behind her romance.

"The first movie was very red and a lot of mirrors, the second one was very gold, very sort of lush," she explained to

"The third one is very silver and quite cool, but again nobody can quite capture us and then she gets on a speed boat! What more can you ask for?"

When asked what her favourite part of the clip is Keira was quick to open up about the final shots. However, she admitted she didn't have any skills when acting out the scene.

"I faked driving a boat, sorry I'm giving it away now!" she giggled. "A speed boat on the Seine, which was great! We got there at about four in the morning or something like that because we wanted to get the sun coming up. Being on a speed boat in the Seine as the sun comes up was a very, very beautiful experience."

Such an amazing ad by Keira for Chanel, what do you think?

Don’t miss out the behind-the-scenes of Knightley's new Chanel ad!


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