Karl Lagerfeld: I'll Never Be Normal

Karl Lagerfeld was born to be different.

The German designer currently helms Chanel and is synonymous with his personal style of dark glasses, a dark suit, crisp white shirt and his white hair pulled into a ponytail.

Karl talked about how, along with other in-demand designers, spoke about how life changes once you're thrust into the limelight.

"I got used to not being anonymous anymore! Anyway, the whole thing is a lot easier said than done. Celebrities always complain about wanting to be famous but also wanting a private life and to be incognito," Karl mused. "Let's say I was born to be different."

"I'm not a politician; I'm just a designer. I make clothes. I'm not a celebrity. I'm not a star. I like solitude in order to be able to produce my thoughts. I'm not on Instagram - I'm more of a voyeur. Observation is the tool of every designer, and I think social media is more about exhibitionism."

Being a man that is highly respected in fashion and boast a huge list of A-list fans. Chanel is favoured by the likes of Keira Knightley and Sarah Jessica Parker, while Lanvin is the go-to fashion house for Julianne Moore and Emma Stone.

The conversation soon moved on to what he thought was his biggest achievements in fashion are, along with declaring nothing beats making a woman feel wonderful.

He added "Giving women beauty and comfort in the same piece. Life is hard - everything is so fragile and difficult. We hear about a disaster and think, 'Why fashion? Who cares?' But it's important because it comes when we need to be cheered, when we need a hug. A beautiful dress can hug you," he smiled.

"I've done quite a lot - and I wasn't that ambitious!" added Karl.


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