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Quick Guide To The Perfect Selfie

Smartphones with front facing cameras have revolutionised the way we take pictures, and 'selfies' have become the hottest new photography trend. 

For most, the 'spontaneous' quality of our selfies is merely an illusion and the final snapshot is only uploaded after several minutes of experimenting with lighting, filters, backgrounds and expressions, and discarding several failed attempts! 

With this in mind, our fashion insiders have put together three different approaches from your favourite celebs to make sure that your selfies are picture perfect every time. 

Tip #1

Position the camera up high (as far as your arm can stretch!). This will create a flattering angle that excentuates your best features. This technique is favoured by model Jessica Hart and singer Rita Ora.

Tip #2

Suprisingly, Actress Bella Thorne recommends the opposite tactic and advises to place the camera at a low angle because as she points out, this stops your face looking too big for your body. For super-cute results, she also suggests tilting your chin and focusing on the tip of the nose.  

Tip #3

Coco Rocha's best selfie advice is simply "Don’t take a selfie". The model has stated that those with the guts to take a selfie should have the guts to ask someone to take the picture for them.!

What are your top selfie tips?


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