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Chanel's Models With Art Painted Eye Makeup

It was not only the clothes that appeared colourful this spring 2014 at the famous designers fashion shows, the make-up socked us to.

Especially when chanels models were seen on the fashion run way with very colourful and eye-catching artistic makeup designs.

The clothes were described as paintings and so was the eye makeup! Makeup artist Peter Philips surprised everyone by the new makeup style he applied on the models eyes.

"It's about contrasting colors," says Philips, whose palette consisted of lavender, green, coral, pink, yellow, and red. And finish up with black thick eyeliner.

There were nearly 80 models to paint, so Philips asked each makeup artist to use the Chanel #21 brush because it let him control the finished look as much as possible.

Chanel always keeps us impressed and hungry for more and if it concludes anything is that painted arts are not just for canvas!



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