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Bleached Eyebrows! Will You Be Doing Them Any Time Soon?

Celebrities have always shocked us with their new looks, sometimes good and sometimes bad. This time it’s all about the bleached eyebrows!

Is it pretty or not? We are going to let you decide for your-self.

Amongst all the glamour and fabulousness, it was hard to miss Beyoncés new super trendy bleached eye-brows!

Miley Cyrus surprised us with her new trendy bleached eyebrows, but to be honest it was not much of a surprise since she is always out there with new unexpected trends and styles.

Kendall Jenner walked the Marc Jacobs fall 2014 runway with bleached eye brows or to be more accurate, invisible eyebrows!

And finally Lady Gaga broke all the beauty rules as she showed off bleached blonde eyebrows and jet black hair!

What's fascinating about bleached brows is how they completely transform a person's face as we have seen on many celebrities that followed this trend. And we are pretty sure it’s a trend that not many ladies will like, do you agree or will you be copying it anytime soon?



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