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All About Antioxidants

Free radicals, are talked about everywhere and the affect they can have on the skin – in a nutshell they come from things like pollution and damage your skin cells, resulting in things like signs of ageing and wrinkles. To combat against them you need the lowdown on antioxidants, so it’s lucky we’re here to help.

There has been a lot of research into antioxidants which has found they are adept at combating the visible and hidden (things like sun damage) results of free radicals. They also boost how effective your sunscreen is, which can help protect you from hyperpigmentation and ageing (some even firm skin). Used when you’re asleep, they enable cells to heal properly, plus they can help with inflammation and reduce the appearance of acne scars.

Which is all brilliant – but what actually are they? Much like fruit and veg, to really get the benefit from antioxidants you need to use several of them rather than relying on one. It’s easy to get blinded by the amount of names chucked around too, but in fact there are several which you will definitely have heard of that are a good place to start.

Vitamin E

You can get this from your food as well as from beauty products and it is very good at destroying free radicals. It works with the skin’s cells to neutralise them, helping to stop the signs of ageing and reduce the risk of skin cancer. It also has hydration benefits and helps cells regenerate quicker, so it’s good if you have scars and acne you want to clear up.

Vitamin C

This is the one you'll probably have heard loads about, because beauty people tend to love it. As well as protecting from free radicals it can help with brown spots, increases collagen production, cuts out inflammation and helps acne marks fade. All in all a bit of a wonder ingredient.


This is found in red fruits like blueberries and grapes and it's very protective. Put it on to help guard against sun damage and cut the amount of harm which is done to your cells.

Green Tea

This is another which is super at guarding against damage from UV rays and it can even help if spread on after you've been exposed.

It's also worth remembering that you don't have to go with just one antioxidant. Many of them work very well when they are combined, with vitamins E and C a particularly popular mix. 


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